With a high level of experience since many years, we offer tailor-made expert solutions for you in various branches of law.

Legal Consultancy

We create tailor-made solutions to your legal affairs with our expert staff who closely follows up-to-date legal developments.

- Commercial law
- Corporate law
- Contracts
- Restructuring
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Due Diligence
- Foreign Personnel Procedures
- Intellectual and Industrial Property Law
- Trademark and Patents
- Labor Law and Workplace Applications
- Data Privacy and Protection of Personal Data
- Ethics and Anti-Corruption
- Competition Law
- Administrative Law
- On-site Consultancy
- Advertising Laws


We follow your cases until the solution process is completed, and we support you at every phase of the process.

- Commercial Disputes  
- Contractual Disputes 
- Labor Law Cases  
- Intellectual Property/Trademark Disputes  
- Administrative Cases 
- Other Dispute Resolution Processes  
- Collection of Receivables  


We are at your service in training matters, and in various subjects from contracts law to the protection of personal data.

- Labor Law
- Contracts
- Data Privacy and Protection of Personal Data
- Commercial and Corporate law